Is the east shelter definitely closing?

We’ve been listening to you, from your comments at public board meetings to your work with the task force that gave us actionable ways we could improve. You’ve told us how much you care about the well-being of animals and we’ve seen first-hand how the east shelter is falling short of our high standards for animal care and customer service.

While a final decision has not been made, the current plan involves closing the east shelter and providing all county animal care services at one central location at 27th Avenue and Durango.

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1. Is the east shelter definitely closing?
2. When would it close?
3. Will the east shelter stay open until the expansion of the central shelter is complete?
4. What will happen to the east building?
5. What will happen to homeless animals in the East Valley?
6. How much will the new, expanded central shelter cost?
7. How does this project fit with the county’s promise to be fiscally responsible?
8. Why now?
9. What else is being considered to address concerns about combining two shelters?
10. How will a consolidated shelter impact the mission of trying to save animal lives?
11. What about lost pets?
12. How will staff and volunteers be impacted by the change?
13. Why can’t you expand the east shelter instead?
14. How can you be sure there will be enough space for animals at one shelter?