Workforce Training Services

Welcome to a pathway towards career success and personal growth! Maricopa County’s Workforce Development team is dedicated to providing you career-related training services designed to empower your professional journey. Whether you're embarking on a job search, aiming to enhance your resume, or seeking to develop essential skills, our training programs cover a variety of topics. From job search assistance and resume writing to job interview practice, basic computer skills, financial empowerment, and office skills assessments, we have tailored workshops to meet your unique needs. 

How to Register

Call, stop into either one of our career centers, or email to register for any of these no-cost training workshops.

East Valley Career Center 

1001 W. Southern Ave., Suite 101 Mesa, AZ 85210
Phone: 602-372-9700 • TTY/TDD: 7-1-1

West Valley Career Center 

4425 W. Olive Ave., Suite 190 Glendale, AZ 85302
Phone: 602-372-4200 • TTY/TDD: 7-1-1

Basic Computer Skills

Would you like to increase your ability to perform basic tasks on a computer? In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to search the internet, write, and save a Word document.

Job Search Assistance 

Attend this interactive workshop to gain confidence and guidance for a successful job search. You will learn what to prepare when submitting a job application and will leave with resources and your job leads.

Financial Empowerment

This workshop is for those looking for tips and resources on how to manage their money. It covers topics such as planning your finances, budgeting, saving, credit, and debt. 

Office Skills Assessment 

If you need to take a typing test, or another office skills assessment, either to use in your resume or provide to an employer, come to one of our Office Proficiency Assessment and Certification (OPAC) sessions.

Job Interview Practice

If you would like to learn how to improve your interview skills and practice for a job interview, our staff can assist you with a one-on-one mock interview to prepare you for an upcoming in-person or virtual job interview. 

Resume Writing

Do you need help writing your resume? Come to this class to learn how to format and write a basic resume or cover letter. Get your resume accepted by computer tracking systems and land yourself an interview!