Community Outreach

Maricopa County (MC) recognizes that construction activities can be a nuisance to those living nearby. MC strives to minimize the impact of these necessary construction projects to the greatest extent possible while still maintaining fiscal responsibility. Here are some areas where MC has taken suggestions from residents near the CCLF on how to be a good neighbor.

Noise from SVE - Complaints regarding noise from the Soil Vapor Extraction system (SVE) were received, investigated and verified. Sound panels were added to the sides facing residential areas to mitigate the noise while maintaining access for maintenance.

SVE Before Noise Mitigation

SVE before

SVE After Noise Mitigation

SVE after

Screening Wall Design - The location of the injection well (referred to as Phase III) of the Groundwater Treatment System (GWTS) includes a wall to screen the equipment necessary to return clean water to the aquifer.The first picture shows the original design of the wall to be installed at 4050 Sleepy Ranch Road. The second picture shows the wall as it was redesigned following input and discussion with residents near the site. The new design will blend better into the area.

Screening Wall Original Design (Rendition)

Wall Rendition Before

Screening Wall Redesign (Rendition)

Wall Rendition After

Drilling Schedule - The original plan for the drilling of two monitor wells and two extraction wells would have resulted in drilling activities near residential areas occurring in the fall. Input received at the 6/16/2021 Public Meeting encouraged the County to reconsider the order of the drilling schedule. Drilling closest to the neighborhoods will be completed in the summer months when people are mostly indoors with the house closed up. Wells furthest from residential areas will be drilled in the fall, resulting in less impact to residents from noise. (Click either map for a larger version.)

Original Drilling Sequence

Original Drilling Schedule

Revised Drilling Sequence

Revised Drilling Schedule

Extraction Well Screening - Given that extraction well 03 (EW-03) is near the eastern property line of the landfill, additional screening measures are planned. EW-03 will be enclosed on three sides by a block wall that is color matched to the surrounding landscape as much as possible.

Typical Extraction Well Site Screening

Typical Extraction Well Screening

Proposed Screening for EW-03

Planned Extraction Well Screening

Sound Mitigation During Drilling - Noise abatement consultants were asked to review the original drilling plans and determine if additional measures would be effective. As a result, in addition to the sound walls that will be installed for drilling operations, an additional noise barrier consisting of temporary sound panels will be added. It is anticipated that this "double wall" approach will be effective in helping reduce any noise from drilling. The flyer describing the additional sound panels can be accessed by clicking the image to the far right.

Additional Sound Panels

Additional Sound Panels

Effectiveness of Additional Sound Panels

Sound Panel Flyer

Noise Management at the Injection Well Site - Several options were addressed regarding the equipment at the injection well site at 4050 Sleepy Ranch Road, including the type of pump to be used to inject clean water back to the aquifer. Typical installations of this type include a pump style that places the motor and switch gear above the surface (as shown to the right). Due to noise concerns, a decision was made to use a fully submersible pump putting the pump, motor and switch gear over 1,000 feet below the surface. Click the image of the submersible well for a larger diagram to the far right.

Typical Injection Well Site & Above Ground Pump

Typical Injection Well Site

Submersible Pump Diagram

Submersible Pump Diagram

Screening Phase III Infrastructure - The injection well site at 4050 Sleepy Ranch Road contains various infrastructure necessary to inject clean water back into the aquifer. Some of the items included are electrical gear, a concrete holding tank and piping. The holding tank and electrical gear are being custom built to ensure they are below the height of the screening wall. The only object that will appear above the wall is a communications antenna to allow monitoring of the site and equipment.

Layout Drawing of Injection Well Site

Injection Well Site Layout

Anticipated View of Injection Well Site

Injection Well Site

APS Line, Boring vs Trenching - An electrical service will be installed from an existing transformer just north of where 40th Street turns to the East ending at the injection well site at 4050 Sleepy Ranch Road. The original plan called for open trench installation, a cheaper but more disruptive process. Plans have been revised to utilized boring technology to minimize the impact along 40th Street while the electrical service is added to the existing City of Phoenix utility right-of-way.

Typical Open Trench Installation

Typical Open Trench Installation

Typical Bored Installation

Typical Boring Installation