County Indigent Decedent Services Program

Maricopa County may provide aid for eligible persons who have died within the county when neither their personal resources nor their next of kin is able to provide for the cost of cremation or burial. A referral to this program is required.

Only the decedent’s Next of Kin (NOK) may apply. In addition to establishing your relationship to the decedent, please be aware that specific financial records will be required when completing and submitting a program application.

We value our Maricopa County families. If you have any questions about this program, please email us.


Please be aware that military veterans and their spouses’ final arrangements are made with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the National Cemetery in Arizona. Please talk with your contracted funeral home for more information and be prepared to provide paperwork, such as your loved ones DD214 form notating their military service.

Additional Consideration for a Loved One’s Final Disposition Services

Body Donation for the Advancement of Education and Research:

As an alternate to aid, body donation for the advancement of education and research is a viable option, at no cost. There are several organizations in Arizona who may assist you:

Frequently Asked Questions

According to state law, A.R.S. 36-831, yes, final disposition falls to the next of kin.