FY15 - FY18 Department Goals

1. Improve the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Service Delivery 
  • Determine Extent of Need, Cost Benefit, Impact, and Return on Investment
  • Conduct Service Delivery Assessment
  • Review Program Administration and Implementation
  • Develop and Execute Improvement Plans in Priority areas

2. Management Structures to Support Accountability, Excellence, and Growth 
  • Establish Performance Measures to Demonstrate Compliance and Track Outcomes
  • Determine Priorities for Action, Resource Needs, and Targets to Achieve Best Possible Outcomes
  • Increase and Diversify Funding Streams

3. Increase Employee Engagement 
  • Regularly Measure and Assess Key Indicators of Engagement
  • Institute and Implement Department and Division Targeted Engagement Improvement Plans
  • Incorporate HSD Management Principles at all levels

4. Create Greater Awareness and Ensure Community Involvement 
  • Increase Awareness and Provide Program Information in a Clear and Accessible Manner
  • Include Partners and Obtain Stakeholder Input 
  • Develop Regional Approaches to Provide Best Possible Services of Concern to Citizens

5. Establish and Expand Links to County Programs
  • Identify Programs that have a Common Customer and Maximum Mutual Benefit 
  • Develop Plans and Agreements as well as Document Success