Boards & Commissions


Community participation is a cornerstone of Maricopa County's success. Citizen involvement via the County's Boards and Commissions assists the Board of Supervisors in making important policy decisions that impact our community. Most citizen advisory groups research, study and discuss specific issues and then forward their recommendations to the Board of Supervisors. Some Boards have additional authorities.

The Board of Supervisors encourages citizens to consider submitting an application for appointment to one of Maricopa County's boards and commissions. The membership requirements and time commitment for each of the boards and commissions varies. Preparation for meetings and special meetings sometimes require an additional time commitment, and appointees take an Oath of Office and must be familiar with Open Meeting Law materials before taking office.

Board Appointment

Some Board and Commission members are appointed by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. To be considered for an appointment by the Board of Supervisors, please submit an Application for Service (PDF) to the Clerk of the Board's Office.

For consideration to be appointed to the Maricopa County Workforce Development Board, please submit the Maricopa County Workforce Development Board application.

Contact Us

Contact information for each board/commission liaison or department can be found at the bottom of the respective board/commission webpage.

General Information

For general Information about Maricopa County Boards and Commissions, contact the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors Office.
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