AQD Online Portal (IMPACT)

Accessing the AQD Online Portal

STEP 1: Review applicable guide for creating your SCS Electronic Signature. Skip to Step 4 if you already have an existing SCS account.:

STEP 2: Create a Shared CROMERR Services (SCS) Electronic Signature through: 

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SCS electronic reporting site  

STEP 3: Register new a organization/company/consultant through applicable link below:

If your organization/company has recently changed ownership, or if you cannot find your organization/company/consultant when creating your SCS Electronic Signature, please fill out and submit one of the forms below. 

STEP 4: Login to SCS Account to access AQD Online Portal (IMPACT).   

STEP 5: Access applicable guidance documents from resource links below to navigate through the portal:  

General, Non-Title V, and Title V Resources

Asbestos NESHAP Notifications Resources

Emissions Inventory Resources

Performance Testing Resources


Virtual Inspections

Troubleshooting EPA-SCS

Contact Us

To contact the department, call 602-506-7833 or email You can also submit an online support ticket

Page reviewed 07 January 2021