Permits, Forms, and Applications

All applications listed can be submitted electronically through the portal. Select a portal based on the application type. To access the portal you should use Google Chrome as your internet browser and enable pop-ups from Guidance documents are available through each listed link. 

For forms not listed refer to "Fillable Forms" section below.

To check your permit status or pay your permit fee(s), login through the portal below. 

Access AQD Online Portal

Guidance documents for the following:

  • Asbestos Notification

  • Compliance Reports

  • General Permit Application

  • General Permit Renewal

  • Non-Title V Permit Application

  • Non-Title V Renewal

  • Non-Title V Minor Modification

  • Non-Title V Non-Minor Modification

  • Title V Permit Application

  • Title V Renewal

  • Title V Modification

  • Virtual Inspections

Access Dust and Miscellaneous Portal Guidance documents for the following:

  • Dust Control Permit Application

  • Subcontractor Registration

  • Subcontractor Registration Renewal

  • Open Burn Permit Application

  • Tanker Truck Certification (Vapor Decal) Notification

  • Tanker Truck Certification (Vapor Decal) Application


  2. Asbestos NESHAP    
  3. Burning Activities
  4. Business Assistance
  5. Closeout, Cancel, Transfer
  6. Contact Information Updates
  7. Document Transmittal
  8. Dry Cleaners' Calendars
  9. Dust Control
  10. General Permit Applications
  11. MACT Notifications
  12. Modeling Guidelines and Forms
  13. Non-Road Engines
  14. Non-Title V and Title V
  15. Operations and Maintenance
  16. Performance Testing
  17. Portable Sources
  18. Records Forms
  19. Subcontractor Registration
  20. Tanker Certification (Vapor Recovery)

Select topics below to reveal and access related forms.

Still Need Help?

You may not realize how connected the permitting departments of Maricopa County really are. There are easy-to-follow instructions and resources for first-timers or those looking for more guidance on their project on our Permitting Services page.

Please note that most of these documents are PDFs that require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please see our Document Related Difficulties and Questions page for help sheets and more information.

Page reviewed 24 March 2021