Compliance and Enforcement Contacts

Contact Title Phone
Maria Cody Division Manager
Bryan Mandalfino
Assistant Division Manager 602-506-6714
Afam Ugbor Inspector Supervisor (South Central Valley) 602-506-6740
Brian Hartley Inspector Supervisor (Enforcement) 602-506-6728
Chris Eavenson Inspector Supervisor (Southwest Valley) 602-506-6715
David Shaw Inspector Supervisor (Northwest Valley) 602-372-0972
Eric Poole Inspector Supervisor 602-506-6737
Scott MacDonald Inspector Supervisor (Northeast Valley) 602-506-6739
Tom Ekren Inspector Supervisor (Southeast Valley) 602-372-2759 
Yvonne Bishara Inspector Supervisor (Central Valley) 602-372-1838

Program Contacts

Program Point of Contact
Phone Email
Scott MacDonald 602-506-6708
Earthmoving/Dust Control (Rule 310)
Yvonne Bishara 602-372-1838
Enforcement Brian Hartley 602-506-0339
Gasoline Delivery Vehicle Testing Certification
David Shaw 602-372-0972
General Permit Sources (Gas Stations, Drycleaners, etc.)
Tom Ekren 602-372-2759
Leaf Blower Restriction Ordinance (P-25)
David Shaw 602-372-0972 
Major Sources (Title V Program) Afam Ugbor 602-506-6740
Off-Road Vehicle Use in Unincorporated Areas (P-28) David Shaw 602-372-0972
Performance Testing
Scott Treece
Residential Woodburning Restriction Ordinance (P-26)
David Shaw 602-372-0972
Rock Products/Asphalt/Concrete (Rule 316)
Eric Poole 602-506-6737
Stationary Sources (Non-Title V Program)
Tom Ekren 602-372-2759
Vacant Lot Stabilization Program (Rule 310.01)
Yvonne Bishara 602-372-1838
Vehicle Idling Ordinance (P-21)
David Shaw 602-372-0972 
Vehicle Parking on Unstable Vacant Lots (P-27)
David Shaw 602-372-0972 
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