Additional Permit Information

The value, safety, and code compliance of your structure is heavily dependent on obtaining a building permit prior to construction or installation. A building permit is your reassurance that your building plans, as well as the structure you build, will be inspected for minimum code safety.

Compliance Inspection / Special Inspection Certification

Compliance Inspections

A Compliance Inspection is a development permit issued to enable one inspection on one property and does not authorize work; rather, it provides for a property inspection so the inspector may better assist a customer with the next step(s) in the completion of their project.

There are 5 areas in which a Compliance Inspection may apply:

To find out more about Compliance Inspections, view the Compliance Information Guide (PDF).

Special Inspection Requirement

A Special Inspection (PDF) may be required by the Planning and Development Department. This is a third party contract and certificate as per Section 1704.1, of the International Building Code, which requires the owner or agent to employ a Special Inspector to be present at all times during the construction. 

Grading / Paving

Protective Permitting Process

Grading and paving activities can affect the natural habitat and drainage patterns and can cause other related impacts to the surroundings. Accordingly, the Planning and Development Department may regulate this activity through a permit process (PDF). For more information, view the Unpaved Private Road Permit Requirements (PDF).

Flood Control Approval

Depending on plan specifics, review, approval or additional permits by the Flood Control District of Maricopa may be required. Floodplain Use permits associated with commercial or residential construction are processed in conjunction with Building permits through the Planning and Development Department.

 Dust Control Permit

A dust control permit is required for any dust generating operation disturbing 0.1 acres (4,356 square feet) or more. Permits are valid for one year and must be maintained until final stabilization of the disturbed area is achieved. For more information regarding dust control and Air Quality's permitting processes visit Air Quality and Permit Engineering.

Manufactured Housing

All applicants will need to get a Planning and Zoning permit (PDF) from Maricopa County first, and then go to the State for an Installation Permit. The State Office is located at:

Department of Fire
Building and Life Safety
Office of Manufactured Housing
1110 W Washington
Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Call them at 602-364-1003 or visit the state website.

Residential Use in Military High Noise or Accident Potential Zone:

New residential land uses are NOT permitted in the High Noise or Accident Potential Zone of a Military Airport (Luke Air Force Base) and Ancillary Military Facility (Luke Auxiliary Airfield Number 1 and Gila Bend Auxiliary Airfield).  See if your parcel is in a high noise or accident potential zone by using PlanNet

Other, non-residential uses, such as commercial or industrial may be authorized through a process that begins first with a pre-application meeting. Depending upon the site’s viability for such uses and the outcome of that meeting, you may be able to apply for a UCCD (Use Compatibility and Consistency Determination).  Luke Air Force Base and Maricopa County will consider the application and then determine whether the proposed use(s) is/are compatible and consistent with the High Noise or Accident Potential Zone of the Military Airport or Ancillary Military Facility. Should it be determined that the use(s) is/are compatible, you may then apply for a Military Compatibility Permit - which is the entitlement of the property.  

Please see the below documents for more information: 

Please see Chapter 10, Section 1010 (PDF) of Maricopa County Zoning Ordinance for specific details on the High Noise or Accident Potential Zone.

Other uses (non-residential) should be proposed at a Pre-Application Meeting.  See for more information about how to apply for a Pre-Application Meeting.

Related Departments

The Department of Environmental Services regulates onsite water systems.
The Department of Transportation regulates areas of Right of Way.
The Flood Control District regulates development within floodplains.

Pool / Spa Permits

New Structures

The Planning and Development Department regulates the construction of new pool and spa facilities located in unincorporated Maricopa County.

Refurbishing Structures

Permits are only required for refurbishing if structural or mechanical (including plumbing) changes are planned.

Additional Resources


Permit Submittal Material

Planning and Development staff has created an informational packet (PDF) which assists customers in preparing signage permit material. The packet contains information on what submittal material in particular is required for both freestanding and wall signs.

Additional Department Assistance

Both the Maricopa County Department of Transportation and the Flood Control District may also regulate certain aspects of commercial signage, depending on location and site conditions.

Text Amendment

Currently, Maricopa County is considering a Text Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance (PDF) relating to signage (Billboards). The public is encouraged to review this material and comment. Information regarding the Text Amendment can be found at the link below.