Grading / Paving

Protective Permitting Process

Grading and paving activities can affect the natural habitat and drainage patterns and can cause other related impacts to the surroundings. Accordingly, the Planning and Development Department regulates this activity through a permit process.

Flood Control Approval

Depending on plan specifics, review, approval or additional permits by the Flood Control District of Maricopa may be required. Floodplain Use permits associated with commercial or residential construction are processed in conjunction with Building permits through the Planning and Development Department.

Dust Control Permit

A dust control permit is required for any dust generating operation disturbing 0.1 acres (4,356 square feet) or more for commercial, industrial, institutional or government purposes. Permits are valid for one year and must be maintained until final stabilization of the disturbed area is achieved. For more information regarding dust control and Air Quality's permitting processes visit Air Quality.