Public Records Fees & Payment Options

Schedule of Fees

In accordance with A.R.S. #39-121 through #39-121.03, the following charges apply for requests for public information:

  • Non-Commercial Request: $0.25 per page

  • Commercial Request:
    • Minimum Charge: $120
    • Copy of CD disk: $18
    • Copy per page: $0.25
  • Factors considered in the final price of a custom/commercial request are cost of reproduction, cost of searching, cost of records maintenance, and percent of fair market value.
Copies will be in black and white or grayscale only. No color copy-service is available.

Payment Options

Maricopa Air Quality Department accepts cash, checks and credit cards in person for payment of copies made. Please make checks payable to Maricopa County Air Quality Department or MCAQD.

You may also mail a check for your payment to:
Maricopa County Air Quality Department
Attention: Records
1001 N Central Avenue, Suite 125
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Air Quality must receive full payment before records can be released.